9 Mar 2021
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Washing your face with clean water is a fundamental way for healthy skin. So the first after-cleansing item is more important than any other skin care products.

Therefore, it is recommended to spray the mineral healing mist after cleansing to improve moisture holding by absorbing natural minerals without any preservative.

9 Mar 2021
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In different test results of the mineral healing mist, the after-cleansing spraying method achieved the fastest absorption and most notable skin changes. It is also good for sensitive skin, and additional moisturization. It will help PH balancing, soothing, and absorption of next skin care product.

9 Mar 2021
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No. Though it is most effective, you can spray it before wearing makeup or whenever it feels dry. You can apply a face pack using it with makeup cotton or mask sheet for soothing, moisturizing, and whitening skin.

9 Mar 2021
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Since the ingredients will be contaminated when they meet the air and it is a skin care product, we are not developing any refillable. You can reuse the container with softener or deodorant.


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